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Dionaea muscipula - Venus Fly Trap

Indoor Succulent


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Origin: Coastal North and South Carolina
Light Requirements: High light (inside of traps turning red = too little sunlight)
Watering: Water thoroughly and do not let soil dry completely. During the growing season, you should stand the pot in about 1 cm of water (about ⅓ inch) and avoid watering from the top. They prefer to grow in soil which is wet, but not completely waterlogged. During winter they require less water, and the soil should be kept just damp.

Propagation: Plant division
OtherVenus Flytraps require a cold winter dormancy between November and February. You need to mimic the conditions of their natural habitat, which means providing a cold resting period. If you grow your plants on a windowsill or in a terrarium during the growing season, you will need to move them somewhere colder - sit them next to a window in your garage or shed, for example. As the days shorten and the temperature drops, your plant’s leaves will start to turn black and your plant will die back to the rhizome. This is normal, and you can trim off any dead growth. The end of the winter dormancy period is a good opportunity to repot - and even divide - your plants if they require it. Do this before growth begins in March. A 4” pot is sufficient for adult plants.