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Albuca spiralis - Frizzle Sizzle, Corkscrew albuca

Indoor Succulent

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Origin: South Africa
Light Requirements: High and medium light (more light produces tighter leaf curling)
Watering: Water thoroughly and let soil dry completely before watering again. Allow excess water to drain away. See notes below for seasonal care. 
Propagation: Plant division
Other: This is a succulent with distinctive, corkscrew foliage. Bulb should be planted high in the soil with some of the bulb exposed. Large, yellow green flowers emerge on stalks in spring and have a strong vanilla fragrance.

This is a winter-grower that goes dormant and loses its leaves each summer after blooming. Keep the bulb dry through its summer dormancy and resume watering as the leaves re-sprout in fall.

When the flower stalks are growing, the tips of the leaves often turn brown. This is a normal occurrence and new leaves will sprout in the fall. Cutting bloom stalks can reduce leaf browning.